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Oadby, Leicestershire

Volunteer Southern Africa - Living with Big Cats

This month I have been part of the volunteering programme, Living with Big Cats in South Africa, with Volunteer Southern Africa. I really recommend this programme, you get to interact directly with a variety of wild animals, including elephants, lions, leopards etc. Every day life is generally helping with the upkeep of their enclosures, preparing their food and enrichment with the animals.

A lot of these animals can't be released back into the wild because they were either born in captivity or have been rescued from previous conditions. The programme tries to rehabilitate as many animals into the wild as they can, but when they can't, instead of killing them off, they have created a wildlife sanctuary here for them where they still push them to have their natural instincts that they would in the wild.

VSA have a lot of other programmes that you can get involved in. I will leave the link below and feel free to message me if you want some advice/more information.

Oadby, Leicestershire

New York, New York

Xiao Li AW17 London Fashion Week

Cimone AW17 - London Fashion Week

Edeline Lee LFW Presentation

Edeline Lee's AW17 presentation was set on the top floor inside the atmospheric, raw Bargehouse in the OXO Tower Wharf. The torn away ceilings and walls created the perfect contrast against Lee's tailored, modern creations. The crowd full of high profiled press were introduced to the collection by Belle Chen performing a piano piece and then were lead up to the top floor which was lit with industrial light bulbs strung along the broken ceiling. Old fashioned TV's were showing the lookbook shots from this collection, whilst the speakers were playing repetitive recordings of news.

This collection was heavily inspired by the artist Hannah Hoch, who was a huge influencer during the Dada movement, which aimed to create art that wasn't just aesthetically pleasing, but would make the viewers consider the context into the work. Lee tactically placed circular shapes to insinuate breasts on her clothing. I interpreted this collection as symbolism for women's power. This collection was an ideal reflection on how bold and conflicting we now are against previous expectations.

The models rotated around the warehouse into another set up space. Each area of the room used broken up colour blocked geometric shapes to compliment the theme in the garments. These harsh, angular shapes used in the backgrounds contrasted with the curved, feminine ruffles and structures in the clothing. A key theme in this collection was ruffles, which we have all seen were highly featured in a lot of AW17 collections. This trendy texture created a lot of volume in each garment and contrasted against the masculine, tailored silhouettes.

The models lips were only a quarter covered in red lipstick, almost as if to reflect the fractured shapes in the background. Their hair was loose and relaxed, further exploring Lee's concept of creating more comfortable, smart clothing. The aspects of relaxed, femininity was repetitively contrasted against a typical masculine attitude towards tailoring.

Personally, I loved this collection. I felt that there was a vibrant variety of colours and interesting silhouettes. My favourite piece was the grey oversized coat detailed with blue.