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Latest Love - Monochrome

My latest love from last week has been monochrome. Here are a few of my favourite high street picks.

2. H&M
4. Topshop
6. Topshop
7. Office
9. H&M

Laura xo

Recent - Favourite Posts

Recently I have loved just reading through all of your posts, I love seeing how people write and show their personalities through text. 
I finished my 6 month internship on friday working at a fashion PR agency which means I now have time to come back to blogging and spend time reading through everyones posts. I've decided to take a few months off to focus on photography so I'm doing another internship but only a short one so now I will have a lot more time.

My favourite thought is to actually have time to watch lookbooks, read blogs and scroll through pinterest and tumblr regularly now. I found that while I was working I ended up just liking loads of posts so that I could go back and read them, but I never found the time.. so now I'm slowly getting through reading all these posts I've wanted to.

So here are a few I have loved recently:

I mean how do pancakes not catch your attention. I feel pancakes are a lovely spring breakfast to have. I love reading food posts - even though they make me feel hungry all the time.

I love this outfit post..oversized sweaters always guarantee a read from me.

I found this post so funny and true! Even though all these things get overused I still love seeing pictures like this haha

Hope you're all having a nice week so far!

Laura xo

Bedroom Inspiration

A dream bedroom to me would be full of white shelves, fairy lights and fresh flowers every week. Pinterest makes me want to decorate all the time, but I thought I would share my latest love that I've been pinning lately for bedroom inspo.

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Laura xo

Etsy Wishlist

I love finding cute, quirky things off Etsy because I find most of the time the pricing is really good and most of the products are all really good quality. My favourite part is the creativity that has gone into all the products. My dream house would be full of things I find off Etsy!

Listed R-L:

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Laura xo